About Kat

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Me

Kat's Cafe Katrina Moody I will tell you all sorts of secrets.


For now, know that I am a devoted wife and mom of a very unique family of lovable guys. Yes, I’m outnumbered, that’s why I have girls for dogs. :-)

My husband and three boys are the impendus for much of my passion in life. They are all amazing for so many reasons: I fell in love with Jim’s sensitive side almost 20 years ago; Bobby’s smile is almost as remarkable as his very unique eyes are; Andy is my shy guy who still likes to perform, his red hair a homing beacon for his silliness, and; Logan is my little guy whose laugh could make a miser smile.

They also all share the same rare disorder, called Rieger Syndrome, and are all on the autistic spectrum (even my quirky hubby). While Andy has outgrown his seizures, both Logan and Bobby are epileptic and not fully controlled. They have many other diagnoses, but the most telling, I think, is the one I gave them myself–awesomeness. They are all awesome, unique, and amazingly complex guys. And they are all mine. :-)

What about me?

I am a writer and editor, am a full-time student, am trying to start up my very own non-profit organization called The Rarelink, and am an impassioned advocate for those with, or who love someone with, special needs.

I also have Fibromyalgia and like to make connections with others who share this diagnosis. I am passionate about speaking out about mental health issues. The stress of having special needs children can tear moms and dads apart and there is no shame in being depressed, or having other mental health disorders. These are real, and powerful, diagnoses, and not to be trivialized or stigmatized.

More about my special needs Cafe!

I’m happy you peeked into the Cafe, where I write about my many passions in life and make connections within the special needs community.  I invite you to share the journey with me, as I write about my unique family, current research, and news affecting the special needs community.

I have great remodels in the works for the Cafe, including a section just for those of us who write and blog in the special needs community. Look for me to unveil this Literary Corner of sorts in the next week and a half. There will be an “event” on Facebook and you can check in and maybe even win a prize!