Alexa Ranking: Why it Matters (& Alexa Blog Hop)

 Looking at your Alexa Ranking and Scratching your Head?

Wondering why your blog isn’t ranking like others?



Help lower your rank with our 4 day Alexa blog hop, hosted by Mom Blog Society, Mom Does Reviews, and KatsCafe

Alexa ratings are based on how many people, with the Alexa Toolbar installed, (it takes less than 5 minutes to get it installed) visit your blog, how much time they spend there and how many pages they look at while there. The more the better.

If you’re looking for advertising sponsors on your blog, chances are they are going to look up your Alexa rating. The lower the better. Even if you aren’t looking for advertising – this is one of the measures of a healthy blog for any other marketing effort you might lead for your blog.

How Do You Help Your Alexa Rank Drop?

While your traffic plays a large part in your ranking, another way to get your Alexa rank down is by receiving  ALEXA REVIEWS. These are left by folks who have visited your blog and given it a ranking on Alexa, maybe even given you a suggestion or compliment or two.

Alexa heavily weights your overall traffic and pageviews, how far into your site people click, and what they do while they are on your site. So it stands to reason that increased traffic, along with a decreased bounce rate (how long it takes someone to click away from your site), and the number of pages they visit on your site will all contribute to your rank.

How about a Group Effort to Help Your Alexa Rank Drop? Sound Good?

Review on If you want to help your Alexa Rank drop, you can follow the instructions for claiming your site (important!) and verifying it, and even install the tracking code they provide on your site so that they provide better statistics about your site (to you, even!).

You will want to take a look at your stats after claiming, but don’t be alarmed at the numbers, or if your site isn’t found yet. Kat’s Cafe has enjoyed a slow but  steady drop in rank as the Cafe traffic has grown … and yours will too!

If you are already working on improving your site traffic and pageviews, writing great content, and making your site worth reading … your rank will drop over time as well. But I really don’t “do” patience well … how about you?

Joining an Alexa Hop is an easy way to work with others to help everyone drop those Alexa ranks!

Join the Alexa Hop!

Here’s what you do … join the linky and thoughtfully make your way through the rest of the entries. If the site you want to review doesn’t have a widget or you don’t have the toolbar installed (or are on a browser that doesn’t support it, like Safari), you can go to a site’s direct overview entry, where you can leave a review, by utilizing this template — just input their site URL: {{{ + (URL)}}}

  1. Follow Them either via GFC, FB, or Twitter.
  2. If you can’t do all of the the linkup, do a few.
  3. Let them know with a comment!
  4. Spend a few minutes on the blog
  5. View some posts and pages on their blog – read a masterpiece or two while you are there!
  6. Click the stars or notepad in your Alexa toolbar and leave them a review.
  7. They will return the favor.

NOTE: It typically takes members 2 weeks to finish this hop. It can’t all be done in a day! Take your time and work to make your visits to other sites count! Working to drop your Alexa rank is a consistent effort, but you can step it up by joining with a group of bloggers interested in the same thing!

Katrina Moody

Katrina Moody

Graphic Designer, Wordpress Addict, Blogger at Kat's Media & More
I'm a special needs parent before just about everything else in life, but also a passionate advocate for my three boys and husband, who all have a bit of awesomeness about them. Awesomeness = Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome, Autism, Epilepsy, Dyslexia, Cerebral Palsy, and more. It all adds up to some awesome kids and an amazing family.
Katrina Moody
Katrina Moody
  • Kelli Claypool


    I love, love, love your site! Thank you for explaining Alexa Rankings and I’m excited to do the hop.

    Keep on doing what you’re doing because you are making a difference!!


    • Katrina Moody

      Aw thanks Kelli! I thanks also for sharing the love on Facebook, that was your page that mentioned my little ‘ol post – thanks!

      So glad you got something out of this – I’m still learning too but love sharing the info I have!

  • Kristin Wheeler

    Can you install the toolbar for Blogger on Safari? I can’t seem to do it!

    • Katrina Moody

      Hey Kristin, I checked and it looks like the toolbar extension only works on Chrome, IE, and Firefox … sorry :( – but you can go directly to the Alexa site and enter the URL for the site you want to give a review. I updated the post above to reflect this!

  • Dr. Daisy Sutherland

    Thanks so much Kat!! I haven’t participated in an Alexa Blog Hop so this should be fun:)

    So excited for 2012…aren’t you?

    • Katrina Moody

      Ah Dr. Daisy – I’m so glad to see you here! Your site is so awesome already! (and yes! I’m very excited about 2012!)

  • Lisa

    This is such a fabulous idea, you totally rock! I found this via a Tweet.
    I have already visited two of the above Blogs and am going back for more.
    Wanted to say thank you!


    • Katrina Moody

      Lisa – glad you found us and YAY for joining in! I know you will have fun and meet some great new bloggers too! And you are “playing with Photoshop elements” — I LOVE Photoshop! How do you like Elements so far? I found previous version easy to learn to use!

  • Natalie

    I am in. What a great idea. Thanks for starting it

  • Vanessa

    What a fantastic idea, thanks so much for the fantastic info and the opportunity to link up. I have already reviewed several and will continue to do so. You rock!

    • Vanessa

      I decided to go from the bottom up since it seemed that the sites at the top of the linky were getting more reviews. So far I have done Baby Gators Den, Turkish Travel Blog, Kritters that Twitter, and Beauty Brite.

      • Katrina Moody

        Awesome and what a great idea Vanessa!

    • Katrina Moody

      Aw – Just happy to be able to provide something everyone can benefit from *grin* But thanks! I like to rock!

  • Tahoe SEO

    Thanks Katrina for sharing this interesting step by step idea of lowering the alexa ranking. I will try it definitely for my website as well.

  • clara’s thoughts


    Thanks for sharing. I will definitely try this.

  • chronicles

    Nice idea. Thanks for the info.

    I will try this..

  • fiddledeedee

    sad to see this is closed but i hope to connect with some of your followers. are you considering opening up the alexa hop with another blog post at ?

    • Katrina Moody

      I know MBS started their new post so I will see if I can refresh the linky! For now, feel free to visit MBS at –I happen to think they rock!

  • sathwik

    Wao!! Howdy ..That is fantastic to know about alexa rank through strategy and complete monitoring. I would say we should take care of page rank too so pls show same interest in writing it. I liked you blog!!

    • Katrina Moody

      I’ll likely write about it on my professional blog once it’s up and running for sure again ;-) Thanks for the interest!