Attending Blog Indiana – Growing as a Blogger and Writer #BIN2012

A Blog Conference allows Growth Beyond Blogging and Writing

Blog Indiana 2012 and Blogging Conferences for a Newbie

I really do think blogging conferences have more to offer beyond the information you gain and the connections you make – as Blog Indiana showed me, you can reconnect with yourself too!

As I snuck into the back of the conference room (late, of course, yet again) I was eager to dig into Blog Indiana’s second day of sessions so that I could grow as a blogger and writer. And after trying and failing to attend BlogHer ’12 this year (sometimes money doesn’t grow on trees … imagine!) I was perhaps a bit eager to make Blog Indiana count.

The conference might have been a couple weeks back but I’m still energized by the other bloggers and professionals I connected with and the things I learned. This was my first blogging conference, and I have to admit to being excited and even a little nervous. What was attending this conference going to actually help me with?

Well, Blog Indiana is a Social Media and Blogging Conference, so the sessions were a great mix of social media, blogging, marketing, and other great information led by some amazing folks who knew what they were talking about.

So, the first part of my answer is that I would obviously gain tons of information here. I love information, research is awesome … I’m a little weird that way, I know. But is attending a conference for the information alone the best and even only reason worth going?

I don’t think so.

I’ve made some amazing connections, rediscovered a bit of the passion behind why I blog about what I do. I’ve met REAL people … folks who blog, folks who are in the SEO, Marketing, Social Media or related fields.

Attending any Blog Conference Goes Beyond What You Learn

Attending a conference, whether it’s Blog Indiana or BlogHer, or even Bloggy Con (I’m going!), means looking beyond what you learn to why you’re learning it, and how you’ll apply it.

In fact, I plan to post about a few things I gleaned from Blog Indiana over the next week. The truth is it was easier by far to remember the joy of blogging, the passion with which I enjoy writing, as I was among others who love doing the same thing.

Blog Indiana boasted hundreds of participants, 2 dozen speakers, and sessions on everything from Pinterest and visual blogging strategies to podcasting and figuring out what to write about. I would have enjoyed any of the sessions, but could only attend 8 full sessions.

I’m already looking forward to making Blog Indiana 2013, because I know the value will be exceptional, again. And I’m still fundraising to attend additional conferences (and BlogHer 2013 is in Chicago!!!!) because now that I’ve had a taste of what a blog conference can mean for me and my blog, I’m more determined than ever before to continue growing in this way.

And of course, no event is complete without the gang back home weighing in on it … Bobby and Andy really felt the stickers were MUCH cooler than the sign I snagged!

The Blog Indiana Stickers are Better than the Sign

The boys pretty much agreed … the cool little logo stickers were much neater than the big sign I thought they would love … go figure!

How About You? Have you ever attended a blog conference? Have you been fortunate enough to attend several? I’d love to know what your favorite thing about attending a blogging conference was! Were you at Blog Indiana 2012? Make sure to comment and tell me what you thought of this year’s conference! (and so I can say hey!)

Katrina Moody

Katrina Moody

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Katrina Moody
Katrina Moody


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