Autism Awareness in Action, Personally: How Can We Stand Up?

Blogger’s Challenge: How Can We Stand Up?

Autism Awareness in Action Campaign at Kat's CafeTaking a page from the first topic- inspired post about the Autism Awareness in Action campaign I want to encourage you all to use your writing voice to ACT and support the idea of Autism Awareness in Action. How?

This is a challenge for bloggers and anyone who wants to use their creativity to answer the challenge. The best posts, graphics, and photos, quotes, and contributed posts will be featured in an upcoming Cafe “Story” using Storify to tell the story of Awareness in Action around the web.

Ask yourself a simple question: What’s one way you can stand up for someone who has autism, a family dealing with autism, or a community that needs to serve those with autism and their families?

Do you know a specific person or family you’ll be considering for this challenge?

Don’t guess – ask them! “What are things we can do to help YOU?” And remember that if you want to help someone locally, it doesn’t have to cost money – you can make a dinner, offer to babysit, or even just make a point to visit them more often.

If you want to support a family online I’ll be posting about that this weekend, with ways others have helped us that made a difference – and will open the comments to “Random Acts of Kindness for Autism” – leave a comment about what kind of help you need, big and small, with a link to get back in touch with you – and if you choose to help someone, comment about what you did, how it made you feel, and if you would do it again.

I’ll round up these requests and the answers to those RAoKs in a post early next week.

For now, if you are having trouble thinking about how you can answer this challenge in writing, with a picture or a graphic … may I leave you with an excellent post that does just this, by  Head Ant over on “Let’s Go on a Picnic”:

She cornered me in the cold section. She looked up from her seat in her mart cart and told me that I had a very well behaved son. I felt like looking around to see who she was talking to. Those who have gone grocery shopping with us would tell a different story. In fact, C had “acted up” recently in the same store, running around and flailing his arms.

via How Can We Stand Up? : Let’s Go on a Picnic!.

Your Turn! Let me know your thoughts on this challenge – if you have read something that you feel is already answering the spirit of the challenge, post a link. If you take up the challenge, leave a URL to your post (even a Tweet or FB, Google+ Post) as well in the comments. How will you answer the PERSONAL challenge for Autism Awareness in Action?

Katrina Moody

Katrina Moody

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Katrina Moody
Katrina Moody

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