Autism Awareness in Action — Revised Events for Action!

Family Comes First, but the Autism Awareness in Action Campaign Goes On

Logan is 1 of a Kind - to support Autism Awareness I just posted a short (for me!) update on life in the Moody household, and the only reason why that impacts the Autism Awareness in Action campaign is because this campaign had to take a backseat to the craziness of our lives last week.

What this means, is that I need your help now more than ever to get the word out about the Autism Awareness in Action Campaign.

With that in mind, I’ve rescheduled the planned events for the remainder of the campaign.

Remember what the campaign is about, even though the Autism Awareness in Action Facebook Contest is still going strong (have you entered yet?). Win a set of Recess Music CDs, a Milkshake Music CD, Gift Certificate for Products for Autism, or one of my own custom social media designs!):

  • Awareness Campaigns are great, but we want to do more, we want to ACT. To that end…
  • We have contests for you to enter, and to take part all you have to do is spread the word and pledge to support the campaign!
  • We have events for thinking and reasoning and planning … see all those below …
  • and we also have blogging challenges for bloggers (or anyone who wants to comment via Social Media) to respond to!

Put Your Thinking Cap On for the Action: Beyond Awareness Twitter Chat (5/17 @ 8 p.m.)

Kathleen Hoffman, PhD, is one part of  The Health Communication, Health Literacy and Social Sciences (#hchlitssTweetchat team of health professionals. They are tackling the whole concept of moving beyond awareness in a just-starting addition to their regular #hchlitss chats on Thursdays at 8 p.m.

Though not officially part of the Autism Awareness in Action campaign, this chat is an excellent way to look beyond the challenge of autism awareness, but to all kinds of health advocacy and awareness, to push them into action (Read more at Kathleen’s blog:

Pinterest Pin it to Share and Win Campaign for Autism Awareness in Action!

Autism Awareness in Action Campaign Sponsor Maestro ClassicsBeginning this Wednesday, May 23, and running through Monday, Jun 11, will be the biggest of the Pinterest campaigns we will run (awaiting word from sponsors regarding a secondary shorter-term campaign!). I’m busy working behind the scenes and will launch the special pins and more information about this main contest and awareness in action purpose on Tuesday, May 22, 2012.

This part of the campaign is due to the generosity of our Pinterest Pin it to Share it (and Win it) Sponsor Maestro Classics, whose music is an amazing celebration of classical music perfect for kids. They have donated each of their ten CDs as prizes for this campaign, so that ten lucky winners will receive one of their CDs!

Twitter Party and Chat for Autism Awareness in Action Brainstorming Session

Autism Awareness in Action Campaign Sponsor Products for AutismChristina Serrano Ind. Avon Rep. For a different kind of Twitter Chat, join this discussion, where we will brainstorm real ways to act for families you might know, in your communities, and for organizations around you.

The chat is set to run on June 7 at 7:30 p.m. EST.

It’s being sponsored in part by Christina Serrano, an Independant Avon Rep and Blogger, as well as Products for Autism. More information will be released this weekend on the chat details and how you might be lucky enough to win one of several great prizes!

Google+ Hangout for a limited Discussion with Health Professionals and Advocates

The Google+ Hangout will be a limited discussion because only 10 people can share the screen, but a much larger number of folks can join in and watch the hangout and contribute to the conversation in the comments. This is tentatively set for June 13, but might be rescheduled so stay tune for more information to come!

Blogging and Social Media Challenges for the Brave and Dedicated!

One of the best ways for the word to spread is if everyone talks about the goal of this campaign … which is moving beyond awareness and into action. To do that, we must be willing to look at ways to contribute to the conversation.

Bloggers and anyone who wants to post to Facebook, Tweet or Share to another Social Media network will be highlighted throughout the rest of this campaign (and beyond) – you have one mission: Write, photograph, and otherwise share real WAYS that you think people can move beyond awareness. I’ll be posting ideas and additional challenge details this weekend as well.

These can be simple ways to help a family with a newly diagnosed child, to more complex plans to work with a nonprofit organization for an event or fundraising. Every idea is important and is a part of this conversation.

Leave me a comment about what you are most looking forward to participating in for this campaign. If you love someone with autism or are on the spectrum yourself – I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think would most help you!


Katrina Moody

Katrina Moody

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Katrina Moody
Katrina Moody

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