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Kat's Cafe | Cause of the Week | Save the YuckMouths As many of you know, I’m pretty passionate about providing causes for Kat’s Cafe site visitors to support, be able to resonate with, and which support the special needs community in some way. The Save the YuckMouths Campaign might be another Special Needs Cause, but it’s a personal one, with personal costs to the family I’d like you to help.

Consider – a special needs family already faces unimaginable odds when they work through diagnoses and simply living, add to that the unknowns of having to move, trying to make a living in an uncertain economy, and you understand why the YuckMouths can so readily need your help. At the Cafe, I love to share causes not just so that you will give money (although, really, you can give and every little bit DOES help!), but to illustrate that the power of giving doesn’t stop with giving money.

Special Needs Causes = A need YOU can help fill!

We’ve had other bloggers ask to place the Cause on their site, which I gladly gave permission for them to do. That’s giving! We’ve had over 80 tweets about this Cause … that’s giving too! Over 30 shares and/or likes to Facebook … that’s giving too. But the point of raising awareness, or spreading word, about causes that matter to the special needs community, is so that we can HELP them.

What follows is the YuckMouth story, in the words of Lisa, lovely mom to the YuckMouth gang and dedicated mom to some awesome kids, a few with special needs.  Please take a moment and read, then I’ve copy and pasted the steps you can take, again, at the end of this post. That means this is a LONG post. Well worth it to read the story of a family that could be our own.

Won’t you help?

In the Words of Lisa … a mom who’s just one of us: 

Four years ago if I knew it would be like this, I would have invested more, saved more. But no one would have known the turn our lives would take, that in one fell swoop we would lose all we knew and never gain it back.

Racer Racing - Causes - Yuckmouths It was Nov. 9th 2007, I was in the hospital having my 6th child and on the news was the report that the movie industry was going on strike. I cried cause I knew that the life that we were used to was going to disappear quickly. It took about 3 months but by Feb of 2008 we were out on our butts with no car or home. We had lost everything, because if there were no movies or tv shows to write then there was no crew or equipment to watch. The work that was there was far away, well past the drive being worth the pay.

We had also just gotten the Dx of autism for Racer, so our lives were slowly crumbling apart. We spent two months in a run down motel I still cringe about the living conditions of that place. I was trying to finish school which left the hubs living in the motel with 5 kids and a newborn.

When our time ended there we had to split the family and I stayed with my dad and the baby while he went to his dads with the kids to be close to the school they would be going to. It was the hardest year of my life, raising a newborn, living in Los Angeles, and commuting to Rancho to school everyday. I missed my kids, I missed my husband.

When we both realized that we just couldn’t do it anymore I dropped going to school to take on the full time job of caring Causes - Pictures from the YuckMouths for Racer while the hubs took odd jobs here and there. We found a run down house to live in that we could afford on unemployment and the SSI money we were getting for Racer. We barely made ends meet, thankfully we had foodstamps. For those that want to judge, I have no shame….we had it all. The perfect car, the nice clothes, the nice apartment, my kids never wanted for anything. But when you have to put food on the table you swallow your pride and do what needs to be done.

The hubs found a job as a security guard getting paid under the table for a while, till they company he worked for got out bid and he lost that job. Then he lucked upon a job at the local courthouse as a clerk typist, it was perfect for us, 9-5 and no weekends. It was such a change to have him go from 17+ hour days 6 days at week working in Hollywood to 8hr days 5 days a week.

If nothing it strengthen his relationship with the kids and myself. But it wasn’t enough and then the CA budget cuts came and the courthouse had to let some people go. Since the unwritten rule is always last hired first fired, the hubs once again lost our only slice of good.

Happy YuckMouths - Causes Cut to a year later, no work….who wants to hire the guy who used to make $30 and hour to flip burgers. I remember putting in 80 applications for him in one month and no one return phone call or email. It was heart wrenching to watch the man I love struggle with his ability to support his family. In my eyes he was still the man I loved, I knew he had it in him to be that man again and no matter what I was going to be here with him forever.

About a month ago we got the most devastating news ever. The landlord we had taken crap from the last 3years sold the house we were living in. The new owners were house flippers and wanted us out in 45 days. I remember standing out there when they showed up at my door, I was frozen in place, it took all my strength to nod yes and mumble answers to their questions. When they left and I walked in the house, I just started weeping, I couldn’t stop I couldn’t even let the words escape my mouth. We were going to be homeless once again.  That was about 30 days ago, we have 30 more days till we are out again. If I thought that finding a place for 6 people was hard before, finding one for 9 was mission impossible. We have recently found a mobile home that would keep us in the area but we have to get rid of one of the family pets. That makes a harder situation regrettably sad. But at this point it’s the only place that hasn’t turned us down so we have to take it.

Not only are we on a testing timeline for my 2nd oldest son who we think has ADHD, we also have to worry if this move and losing the dog will cause a regression for Racer. We have a daughter with SPD and this move is going to be crazy for her. I pray that we find a place, I pray that we get my son tested, and that we have no regression with the other two. Moving is hard for anyone, but moving when it’s a special needs family takes it toll.

Poignant words. There’s a reason I try so hard to get the word out there about my little ‘ol Cause of the Week at the Cafe – you just read it. This is a special needs family in desperate need of hope in the midst of instability and emotionally trying times. Won’t you help?


Money is great, but getting the word out there about this family will help as well. If you look in the upper right sidebar, you’ll notice you can “Donate” a tweet – come back and Donate daily until I name the next Special Needs Cause. If you guys are still helping, I’ll leave that special Donate Tweet button up even as we roll to the new Special Needs Cause, and you can still help, as easily as clicking a button.

I know this has been long, but I wanted to share Lisa’s story, in her own words, because sometimes we don’t understand what it means when we see this is happening to someone. We don’t understand the havoc it plays on an already stressed special needs family. Now, you do.

Remember, also, you can go back to the previous post and go down the checklist of all the ways you can help, some by spending money and some without anything more than clicking your mouse. Here’s the LINK.

Katrina Moody

Katrina Moody

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Katrina Moody
Katrina Moody


  1. says

    Kat, this is exactly why I sent you the Versatile Blogger Award! You have such a generous heart and I’m so inspired by how you use your influence for worthwhile causes that you truly care about. Thank you so much for sharing Lisa’s story and I’ll be sure to share it. I do know how stressful it is to both move and to worry about how stress may affect a special needs family member. She sounds like an amazing woman who has able to stay strong throughout all the challenges both for herself and for her family. Wishing them all the best in the world!

    • Katrina says

      Nah, not me! My kids? Yep. My friend? Yep. *hugs* Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s been a rough week with the re-emergence of more seizures in Logan and some issues with my own health, so I’m sorry for the delay in responding to you my friend. Thanks so much for the visit!

  2. says

    Thanks for using your talents to help in this way. I am forwarding to family in California who have big connections in tinsel town. I am certain that if we all do our little part, The Right Thing will happen for Lisa and her family.

    PS – From one mom of a child with seizures to another – Seizures Suck!

    • Katrina says

      Thank you so much for finding my post and for being moved to help this family. Lisa and her family have been through a great deal. I do think that it takes everyone doing something, anything, to make a true difference in this world. *hugs*

      PS – I so agree that Seizures Suck! My next cause will focus on a family dealing with intractable Epilepsy, which is a cause close to my heart for obvious reasons. But I have a hard time not wanting to help any cause that moves me, like Lisa and her family’s. Sometimes it just takes someone willing to say something. Thanks again, for taking the time to comment and to pass the word along.

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