Challenging Myself to Blog: The Ultimate Blog Challenge!

I’m Going for the Gold in the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

They do Say the Third Time’s the Charm, Right?

I’ve entered the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) twice before, and bowed out both times because of one emergency or another with the mini-Moodys. The problem? I have this thing called a real life and sometimes writing just takes back burner to all the craziness of this life we lead here.

I love my blog and I love my readers even more. I love offering giveaways and reviews, but you know what I love more?

I LOVE writing! Blogging is just an (sometimes) informal way of writing my heart out. And sometimes, my emotions, my fears … and triumphs! To that end, I’ve decided that the third time HAS to be the charm – but I might need you to cheer me on a bit to make it to the finish line – think you might be up for it?

My Goals for the Ultimate Blog Challenge

So that you can help to hold me accountable (and cheer me on, because I know you all rock that way!) I wanted to put together a few goals for myself as I work through this round of the UBC:

  1. I want to post EVERY day, even if some posts are quick posts, or photos, scheduled ahead, or guest posts. Every. Day.
  2. I would like to commit to a new early morning and evening routine as part of this challenge of visiting other blogs (invite me to yours in the comments below!) and commenting to spur them on too!
  3. I will plan for the craziness in this little world of ours by planning ahead as much as possible, using my sweet new Editorial Calender, and by working on a couple new content ideas here at the Cafe.

Interested in the Ultimate Blog Challenge for Your Blog?

Join the Challenge at and let me know in the comments if you are taking part – let’s cheer each other on!

And lastly, enjoy this sweet infographic Michelle Shaeffer posted on her site to celebrate the start of this round of the UBC:

Ultimate Blog Challenge Infographic

Credit to Michelle Shaeffer for this sweet graphic. Make sure Join the Challenge at

Katrina Moody

Katrina Moody

Graphic Designer, Wordpress Addict, Blogger at Kat's Media & More
I'm a special needs parent before just about everything else in life, but also a passionate advocate for my three boys and husband, who all have a bit of awesomeness about them. Awesomeness = Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome, Autism, Epilepsy, Dyslexia, Cerebral Palsy, and more. It all adds up to some awesome kids and an amazing family.
Katrina Moody
Katrina Moody


  1. says

    Hey Kat!

    I hear you mention this from time to time and I’ve always wondered, “what in God’s name is she talking about?”…now I know. :-) So this is what I propose, why don’t you and I buddy-up? You know how they always say if you are dieting or quiting smoking or trying to do some other crazy un-natural thing (like blogging at least once a day with a house-full-of-crazy) you are more likely to succeed if you have a buddy? So, why don’t we buddy-up?

    We can text or email or heck, even send smoke signals if need be to help keep each other “honest” (read that as: awake and reminded to post – lol).

    Even if we don’t buddy-up, I think I’m going to give this a go. I tried the Alphabet Challenge for the first time ever this past April and I *almost* made it. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually finish out the month of July? 😉

    Good luck! & much love! :-)

    • says

      Absolutely Lizze! I would love to “partner up” and will cheer you on for sure! You’ll LOVE this challenge – the community surrounding it and especially on Facebook (the group on FB is AMAZING – if you haven’t joined yet I’ll get you the link)

      I was thinking that I might make it this time – but you know life isn’t always good about going along with our plans … and no matter what – taking part in the challenge will help us both grow! I’m excited to have you join in!

  2. says

    Hi Katrina
    I joined the last challenge and did not quite make it so this time like yourself I am determined to complete this one.
    Good luck and hope we both do well :)
    Have a great day

  3. says

    excellent! i’m giving the ultimate blogging challenge a try, too. i’m really not sure if i’ll make it through a whole month of blogging each day. but i’m definitely going to try! happy july…

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