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  • Laura Fisher

    Kat —
    We have an urgent request.

    We would love your support in running a blog post on an exceptional opportunity to help over 200 families with young children suffering from Epilepsy.

    Over the next three days, all donations will be doubled and we would appreciate so much for your support! We have included the article below.



    Do Something Gr8 for Children with Epilepsy!

    The attached film is about Muir. He is one of the 60,000 children living with epilepsy in the UK.

    His favourite number is 8.

    So, to help children like Muir, the Muir Maxwell Trust is hoping you can make a donation of just £8 during the Big Give’s Christmas Challenge. For one week only, if you donate just £8 to the Muir Maxwell Trust, a further £8 will be released from the matching funds to DOUBLE your donation.

    Online donations made from Monday December 5th until Friday December 9th will be 100% matched by a combination of pledges donated by the Muir Maxwell Trust’s major donors and the Big Give’s Philanthropist Fund.

    So. . . £44 donation becomes £88! And £88 becomes £176 (or even £198 if you are eligible for Gift Aid!). And £228? With the matching funds and Gift Aid, that becomes enough money to purchase an epilepsy alarm to help one family sleep easier at night, knowing that they will be alerted to any life-threatening seizures.

    As the only UK organisation distributing epilepsy alarms, the Muir Maxwell Trust receives up to 80 requests a month for these alarms from families living in fear that their child will experience a life-threatening seizure during sleep. We simply do not have enough funds to meet that need.

    Please click on the link to help us take advantage of this amazing opportunity to make your money do more to help these families.

    After making your donation, please help us spread the word about this incredible opportunity by sharing this link on social networking sites like facebook or twitter.Or forward this email to 8 friends and ask them to donate £8 and in turn, hopefully they will email 8 friends who will also donate £8 and help us to achieve our goal of £80,000 in just 88 hours!

    Thank you for your support.