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Facebook Special Needs Connections for Epilepsy

Special Needs Connections on Facebook Groups and Pages are growing at a phenomenal rate on Facebook, so making special needs connections there for your Epilepsy Support needs, or even to help support others dealing with Epilepsy, is easier than ever before.

I’ve been blessed to find a few Pages and Groups on Facebook that provide a true community atmosphere for their fans, the parents and individuals dealing with Epilepsy. For this first Connections post of the New Year, I wanted to highlight just a few of the special needs connections for Epilepsy I love on Facebook.

My hope, is that you would link to other pages and groups you have found particularly helpful, especially since this list isn’t considered exhaustive by any means. If you comment here or on Facebook/Google+/Twitter with other Facebook Connections for Epilepsy support and awareness, I will keep a running list at the end of this post, so that this can become a resource that continues to grow.

Epilepsy Awareness on Facebook – Pages That Make a Difference

Team Epilepsy on Facebook

Team Epilepsy

A bit of a twist with this active page, since it started as an effort to inform and help those interested in taking part in a clinical trial of a new drug for Epilepsy control.

This page has embraced the community it serves, creating a true welcoming atmosphere for their fans, and for those who come looking for information and support.

The Epilepsy Foundation of America

This is the official page for the Epilepsy Foundation, also the brainchild of Epilepsy Awareness Month Camapaigns like “Seizure Smart.” Their page is fairly active, with an enthusiastic community spirit.

The special thing about this page isn’t actually on it’s Facebook page, it’s in the connections to all the multiple Epilepsy Foundation branches across the US. Some of the State pages are very active, and the Epilepsy Foundation website is a fount of information for the newly diagnosed all the way through to the experienced caregiver looking for new research.

Epilepsy Support on Facebook – Groups Are the Key

Epilepsy Warriors Foundation - Facebook GroupEpilepsy Warriors Foundation

This is actually a group I am fairly active in, and I have found the Epilepsy Warriors Foundation to be one of the neatest, most engaging, most supportive outlets for the fears and questions I have had about Logan’s changing seizures.

They are a fairly new Foundation, but their support is led by a few key members who have experience with Epilepsy and not only care, they understand. One of the leaders actually reviewed a video of Logan having a seizure and helped me compile some notes and questions to bring to Logan’s neurologist.

Singing their praises could go on for a few posts here at the Cafe, so I’ll just end this small section by saying this: finding some sort of support is key when you are living with Epilepsy. Whether you join the Epilepsy Warriors group or another one, I can’t challenge you enough to find one – the support and understanding you will find there can help you deal with the challenges of living with Epilepsy.

That’s it from the Cafe … Now for even More Connections:

This is where YOU come in … leave me names and links in your comments so that I can add to this page!

Let’s make this page an incredible resource for those looking for special needs connections for Epilepsy on Facebook!

Katrina Moody

Katrina Moody

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I'm a special needs parent before just about everything else in life, but also a passionate advocate for my three boys and husband, who all have a bit of awesomeness about them. Awesomeness = Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome, Autism, Epilepsy, Dyslexia, Cerebral Palsy, and more. It all adds up to some awesome kids and an amazing family.
Katrina Moody
Katrina Moody


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing this. My son’s doing good so far on his new meds but he’s supposed to start a new med in a few weeks that was just made available in the U.S. this year.

  2. says

    Kat, I see you are at it again – making your Blog the Go-To Site for Special Needs Resources. This is a terrific blog post bringing together Facebook Special Needs Connections for Epilepsy. I know so many people will benefit from your efforts. Keep it up, gal pal.

  3. says

    Visiting from the Newbie Blog Hop on Facebook. I look forward to reading more on your site! I’m about to do an Alexa review for you and I’m also following.

  4. Anna says

    It is important group like this to exist. People must be informed. My father have an epilepsy and My grandfather – diabetes. They both are members in similar groups and they feel better because they can share all they fear with similar people.

  5. Dawn Gabriel says

    Hello- I am not unfamiliar with epilepsy- it has been affecting my family now for two years. My three year old son has left frontal lobe epilepsy. He is on a daily medicine with supplement. I wanted to say thank you- I am a strong advocate of raising awareness to the cause. I recently came across The Epilepsy Warriors Foundation on Pinterest and Facebook and am grateful for the support. In honor of Purple Day today- my county co workers and I are all purpled out! As are my three children. Thanks for all you do to bring awareness to a cause.

    • says

      Aw, thanks Dawn! It takes us all working together to make a difference, hopefully, for our children and their children to come! If you feel like it, I’d sure love it if you came back and linked up a picture for us all to see! Frontal lobe Epilepsy … scary stuff – my guys have seizures that affect their frontal lobe, but both Logan’s and Bobby’s seizures affect many parts of their brains. Andy, thankfully has outgrown his. The Epilepsy Warrior’s Foundation is an amazing organization and I think they rock!

  6. says

    It is very nice to have this kind of group for epilepsy patient. They also need to have we have and how we enjoyed the social networking. At the same time we can help this person who is really need our help.

  7. says

    I got hit by a car 6 yrs ago and every sinces then i have had sezures i have all kinds of them mostly the grama ones my doctor is playing trail and testing on me to see which ones work. i hate it because my friends don,t come around cause it scarys them to much so i, all by myself my dogs have trained the selfs on what to do when they happen i just hate when peole make fun of me . I have both typs of sezures elispie one and the pyocouct ones those are where you cant get mad ,anger,sad,depressed,,,anything can set them off i hate and i just don,t know how to live with it anymore even the squad guys from the parmedics make fun of me i hate my life. i have gone in and had one blood clot taken off my brain the other went away with blood thiners i have also had a stroke i just dont know how to deal with them i guess it just sucks to be me. thanks for your time kay -kay

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