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24 Weekers – New Movie Shows the Realities facing Preemies & Their Parents

Special Needs Connections Facebook A little something you don’t know about my little family, not because I don’t talk about it, but because I don’t talk about it as often now that my children with special needs are older. Two of our three boys, Andy and Logan, were born too soon.

They were considered preemies at 33 weeks (yes they were both born in that 33rd week), though Logan had stopped growing in utero and was much sicker, and much smaller. Having lived through out own NICU experience I can’t imagine the all-encompassing roller coaster of emotions that faces parents of preemies born much sooner.

Micro-Preemies are Preemies born before 26 Weeks

According to About.com, “a micro preemie is a baby born weighing less than 1 pound, 12 ounces (800 grams) or before 26 weeks gestation. The new movie, directed by Alan Entwistle, is intended to show, realistically, hard-hitting, what difficulties face these preemies and their parents. 24Weekers Facebook Page Profile Image | Special Needs | Preemies

I first heard about the movie on Facebook, after I connected with Alan and was directed to his then-fledgling 24Weekers Facebook Page for more information. There, early support for the movie has continued to be vocal and emotionally telling.

Exclusive preview of the 24weekers promo trailer – a gripping, moving, emotional rollercoaster of a movie – exploring what it’s like for babies born very early, and even more so what it’s like for their mothers, as they are thrust into the strange and frightening world of Neonatal Intensive Care.  from 24weekers.com

So, why make this one very special Facebook connection yourself? I’d love to think you would want to support any movie that strives to give a realistic, painstakingly honest look at what it’s like for special needs parents to deal with that that moment of crisis. If you have never lived through your own NICU experience let me tell you, it’s a daily race to ride the roller-coaster only to sometimes have it stop on the top, with your heart in your stomach.

The emotions of dealing with birth, on top of the traumatic birth experience itself, are only added to the extreme stresses of seeing and knowing your child is in pain, is struggling, is too tiny … and you can’t make it all better. You yearn for those few minutes you’re allowed to hold your child and feel lucky to have them if you have other children at home. Your heart aches, your mind fractures, and you are busy trying to keep it all together.

But that’s only a part of what I took away from our two different NICU experiences. Many of my dedicated readers have kids with awesomeness who were born at that elusive 26 week micro-preemie mark, or at 24-weeks, and even at 21 weeks.

I was always amazed not by the strength my kids showed as they proved to the world that they were here to stay … that was a given. No, I was always amazed that they did it day after day. They all still do it today.

Do you have a NICU story to share? Have you seen the trailer for 24-weekers? How have your kids amazed you lately? 

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Katrina Moody
Katrina Moody


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    As a parent, I understand your situation Kat! We all want to have a normal being when it comes in the lifestyle of our Children, and it is very sad if one day, that thing will come. But be strong and brave enough to face challenges in your life because one day God will give you special blessings you want to have! Happy holidays!

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