Giving Christmas Love Still Needed for Special Needs Family

The Giving Christmas Campaign is Running a Bit Behind Schedule

But the family we’ve decided to help still needs your help!

Join the Cafe in Giving Christmas this yearThis is a very short post to update you on the Giving Christmas campaign and the family chosen to benefit from the Gift of Christmas. I thank all my Cafe friends for helping us spread the word about this great campaign! We already know we’ll do this on a larger scale and earlier in the season next year!

Keep in mind the family we’re helping has been verified based on further information they gave when asked, and we plan to continue being great friends of this family for some time to come!

The Family Chosen for Giving Christmas ’12

We’ve chosen the Riley Family in Kentucky to be our special family this year. The Riley family and I have already been in contact and we’ve been working on getting some additional things for them together.

I think that Becky’s words are the most powerful reason why choosing them was a good idea, so I’ll share that with you before I ask for your help!

From Becky, a Comment of Need

I’ve  had one heck of a year and would just love to receive a little joy in this terrible year….My Brother died Jan 8th, Followed by an aunt that lived in Indiana whom we didn’t get to say goodbye to. One Joyful moment was the Birth of my daughter, whom my Brother didn’t get to meet. 1 month after she was born my oldest had to go through eye corrective surgery to correct her wondering eyes.

1 month after that My 2 year old was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis, which causes Tubers in the vital organs such as the brain, eyes, kidneys, heart, lungs, and Skin, it also causes skin leasions which is dry patches on his skin. Also with this diagnosis he was also diagnosed with Epileptic Seizures. I beilieve he also has a Sensory disorder, because to go to sleep he rubs his hand against something for comfort. He was also diagnosed that he’d have autism, Followed by that we couldn’t make our family reunion because the neuro told me to up his meds cause he was still having seizures, they wanted it upped from 3.5~ 5 but when I gradually upped it to 4 he started staggering around like a drunk vomiting and could not stand up, so meds had to go back down to 3.5 and adding Keppra to 2 ml both 2xs a day.

Followed by all this 2 more Aunts Died in Indiana, and 2 more were diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer, One aunt has Cancer on the Brain, which is causing her to be in a vegetable state, the other takes meds all day long, and is very weak. We probably wont make it to see them before they go. (Note from Kat: One aunt has since passed away)

My mother in law had a Stroke for Thanksgiving, My father in law has an annurisym in his aorta for Christmas, this could be their Last. My mom and all of us are grieving so much for my Brother and my mom’s sisters. We haven’t really felt the spirit of Christmas, but are trying to hold it all together for the kids. There are a total of 11 kids in our family.

We all live next door to each other. We are very Close and this is our first year without my brother. Who lived with my mom next door as she took care of him. I’d like to receive Fleece Sheets for their beds, Weighted Blankets, Things that they could use.

…I have 7 kids of my own all with learning Delays, and 4 nieces and nephews. Both my boys are Epileptic and nearly blind without their Glasses. They have trouble sleeping, so I’d like to try these weighted blankets for them. They could use Puppets, Vacuum with hose, Tomy Pic N’ Pop cause they love balls.

As you can see, the Riley family has had a difficult year. And in talking with Becky I am thrilled that the Cafe can help them in a small way with their Christmas. So here’s the rub …

The Riley’s are happy to celebrate Christmas as a way to say goodbye to this year, so they are celebrating on New Year’s rather than traditionally (they had some amazingly cute handmade puppets and hair bows from their crafty mama on Christmas morning).

What the Riley’s need:

Becky’s number one request was for blankets and sheets (fleece or warmer ones if possible) for the kids, as their trailer gets cold and she’d like to make sure the kids are all toasty at night.

I’ve had several awesome, brand new comforters donated that I will be sending to them, and others have pitched in to offer a sweet blanket or something here or there … but this is a large family. Becky herself has 7 children while her sister, who lives next door, has 4 more little ones. So this would be a great way to ship something directly from Amazon or another site to help them out with a real need. (See below if you want to do this and need the address!)

The kids have a few things to open that I’ve passed along from our great Giving Christmas campaign (yes, the one that’s running late!) but with 11 total kids I know additional gifts would be greatly appreciated. The children’s ages are:

Becky’s Girls are aged 15, 11, 8, 7, and 9 mos; and her boys are aged 10 and 2. Her sister’s children include a 15-year-old girl, 13-year-old boy, 11-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy.

Giving Directly to the Riley Family:

While I won’t post their address publicly, you may use the “Contact Kat” page to drop me a line and I will share their address for shipping purposes. If you have an Amazon code, e-Gift from Walmart or another e-Store I will pass that on to them directly, please use the Contact page to let me know and I will confirm the details to pass along to them.

You’ll notice I have a Paypal donation button in the sidebar? That is for this family as well. I would love to ask you to give what you can afford, knowing that any gift from $1 on up will be greatly appreciated by this special needs family that’s been hit so hard this year.

Buy something from their wishlists

After some prodding from me, we finally have a wishlist at Amazon and at for the Riley family — while I told Becky to add anything she could think of for her and her kids, know that ANYTHING you can give will be appreciated, regardless of the dollar amount.

Help the Rileys with something from their Walmart wishlist

Purchase something for the Rileys from their Walmart wishlist here:

Amazon Wishlist for the Rileys

Purchase items from the Riley’s Wishlist at this short URL for their Amazon Wishlist:


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