Special Needs Blog Hop!

Special Needs Blog Hop

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Welcome to the Special Needs Blog Hop Page!

Ready to get started? Make a commitment to visit as many of these wonderful blogs and leave a comment–that’s all you have to do!

Each Weekend, the blog-hopping will officially run until Sunday at Midnight. (I always leave it open a little later to allow for our world visitors!)

NEW!! From now on, each Linky will run for two weeks, giving you extra time to enter and participate. Now it’s easier still to make those connections!

Right Click on the Logo to the left (or design one and share it with the rest of us!) and place it somewhere in your homepage sidebar!

Why Blog Hop?

It’s a great way to meet new folks online who share some awesomeness, and special needs support, along the way. Also, by consistently looking at other sites you can get ideas for posts of your own, partnerships you can forge with others, or be inspired by someone else’s creativity.

To effectively grow your blog, you need to be active within the community you are a part of. What better way to stay active in the special needs community than by consistently supporting your fellow bloggers?

Why Special Needs?

While there might be some excellent Blog Hops or lists for specific diagnoses (and please share the ones you know of), I thought it was about time we had a blog hop that gives us the chance to branch out beyond our own little section of the internet. Here, you’ll run into bloggers who write about the same things you do, and sometimes about things which are completely different. We all face our own joys and struggles as we walk this path in life–why not share with others who ‘get it’ a bit along the way?

Quick Rules and Admonitions

Please remember that we’re all just folks trying to write a little bit about things which we are passionate about. We don’t have to share the same point of view on every topic. We don’t need to make our own points by being disrespectful of someone else’s Blog.

Anyone who is listed here should be trying to Hop along to other blogs every weekend. Miss a weekend? That’s okay – try to squeeze in a few minutes sometime during the week. Can’t consistently visit other blogs at all? We’ll miss you but understand that sometimes, life gets in the way. Come back and re-join the Hop when you are able to participate as well.

Did I miss something? Let me know and I’ll consider adding it. :-)

And Now Let the Hopping Begin!

 May all who participate find hope and comfort, joy and discovery, and above all, new friends along the way. 

 Enter the Linky:


From now on, I’m running each Blog Hop Linky and Theme for TWO weeks at a time! If you added your link to the Linky, You’ll notice that I have a running Blogroll in my sidebar just for you! I’ll update it as often as I can – enjoy the Link Love – since I love you all! It’s the best way to make those special needs connections with one another!