Special Needs Blog Hop | Theme – Express Yourself!

Special Needs Blog Hop – Express Yourself!

A Theme! Challenge: Tell the world about what it’s like to be you!

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So the last time around, I started the Special Needs Blog Hop a little close to the wire, and as a result only had a couple participants. How very sad! The easiest way to make connections with other special needs parents is, hands down, to read about what they have to say; support them when they need a friend; whine about life with them because they’ll understand!

So this week, a little different theme to the Special Needs Blog Hop — Express Yourself. Using a regular blog post, a photo, artwork, poem, whatever you want, find some way to tell the world a little bit about what it means to be you!

Huh? What’s that mean, Kat?

Simply put, I have lots of folks who wander through the Cafe and leave a little bit wiser for it. You see, amazing as it is, not everyone who reads our blogs and brilliant writings knows a whole lot about what it means to be us. To be special needs parents. Now, I’ve written about it a bit, here and there. But this week I’m breaking the mold. My post this week will deal with having Fibromyalgia. I’m personally inviting a few special needs moms I know who have this and other conditions of their own to write about it, to sketch about it, to share their experiences about being a special needs mom first, and a hurting mom second.

But maybe that’s not who YOU are. And we’re all about making special needs connections here at the Cafe (emphasis on connections – which implies a TWO-WAY street!). So what shall you write about, or share with us, and with your blog readers, this fine weekend?

Some ideas:

  • Write about your great aunt Geneva’s influence on your life (Why yes, I have one of those and she impacts who I am, daily, as I strive to share the ideals she shared with me when she was alive)
  • Write about how your dog Reese always, and I mean always, tries to get on your lap when she sees you crying (What? I’m drawing from real life here!)
  • Sketch a cute comic showing your hair falling out clump by clump, echolaliac question by question. ( or, if you are really talented .. turning gray) Oh, and stick figures rule!
  • Make us all cry by revealing your latest poem (Nope, not sharing yet :P)
  • Whatever you do … it all comes down to EXPRESSING yourself. Express your thoughts, your headaches, your challenges, your life … because us special needs parents — we’re pretty awesome folks!

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Don’t forget the Link Juice Love!

I’ll be including the newest entrants into the Blog Hop in a running Link List along the sidebar! Starting this week – if you’ve participate at least 2 of the last 3 weeks – you get to stay on the recurring list! Special Love for some awesome special needs folks!

I would love to hear ideas for future themes of the Blog Hop. While we’re special needs parents, that isn’t all we are – would you like to have themes unrelated to special needs? Comment and share your thoughts, and then don’t forget, go and enter the linky!

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Katrina Moody

Katrina Moody

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Katrina Moody
Katrina Moody