Special Needs Gift Guide and Giving Christmas Campaign

Giving-Christmas-Special-Needs-FamilyThough it was a last-minute spontaneous decision to offer a Special Needs Family Gift Guide this year at Kat’s Cafe, I couldn’t be more happy with the choices we’re presenting to you, our readers! For this guide, we’re also doing our first EVER Giving Christmas campaign here at the Cafe.Why? Because this isn’t another guide with lots of great toys for children with special needs. (There are several of those out there already, and I’m linking to them in the sidebar for you!). This guide? This is a gift guide for the Special Needs Family! It includes gifts we don’t often think about for the whole family, including the child (or children) with special needs.help another special needs family this year!I like to think it’s a small and unique gift guide perfect for special needs families and I hope you’ll agree! And for the Giving Christmas part of the campaign, most of the items included in this guide are available for a short-term Flash Campaign!The last part of the Giving Christmas campaign, though, is about showering another special needs family with the Gift of Christmas. Though the presents will arrive after Christmas, the gift of Christmas includes the joy of knowing others care about them.To that end, I’ll be presenting our special needs family who will receive the gift of Christmas this year and hope you will share and help us make their Christmas even brighter.

While we’ll be sharing sponsor gifts, this family can use your prayers, your giving, but most of all your love this holiday season.

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