Special Needs Parenting at Kat’s Cafe – it’s Personal

Special Needs Parenting is a Part of Life, After All

As mom to three guys with multiple diagnoses, including Autism, Epilepsy, Rare disorder, and even a touch of awesomeness, I know what it’s like to balance life when every day is an adventure in coping with the unexpected and helping your kids excel at being amazing! And Jim, my hubby, knows a bit of that as well. He’s even got his own little corner of the Cafe now, Jim’s Corner.

One of the primary things I have always wanted for Kat’s Cafe was for parents to be able to come to the Cafe and relax, look around, and feel like they were with someone who got it–and when it comes to special needs parenting I can say, honestly, I do! Jim does too!

What you can expect | Special Needs Parenting but so much more

From talking about our amazing family, to exploring resources you can use, and even getting on my soapbox about advocacy and more, you’ll find a good mix of what makes the Cafe unique. Here,read our open and honest thoughts about being special needs parents, discover special needs resources, along with Jim and I, that you might need, and even be prepared for a product review or giveaway here and there.