The Many Faces of Autism – Autism Awareness Month at the Cafe

30 Days of Autism Awareness Month Challenge Begins at the Cafe

Autism Awareness Month

Autism Awareness … 30 Days of Autism … these are meant to be what? Catchphrases to help us understand the world of autism a bit better? A way to help raise funding for autism research? A chance to pin blue ribbons or puzzled ribbons around and tell the world how much they need to be aware of Autism?

Or maybe, it’s about something a little more.

I think that’s it.

I think it’s about more than ribbons, or blue-colored lightbulbs (thought they do look cool).

I think it’s about more than any one organization, one blog, one writer, one mom, one person or entity. Because there is a bigger stake here than whether or not you know what autism is, whether you care, and whether you want to spread the word.

Autism Awareness Graphics Set and Autism Awareness Month Kick Off

Autism Awareness Graphics - Flyer free to display for Autism Awareness Projects

Kick off Autism Awareness Month with Autism Awareness Graphics

In the same spirit as my Epilepsy Awareness Graphic Set, this Autism Awareness Graphic Set is the most basic set I will offer for you to download, free, here at Kat’s Cafe.  Each of the three included graphics is available in a high resolution, PNG format, with a translucent background. Hopefully you will have a chance to use these in some of your web projects throughout April, and beyond this month, in a show of support for Autism Awareness. Just click on the graphic below so you download your own set to use.

I would love if you shared the link after you use these, so we can all see others supporting Autism Awareness. Use of this Autism Awareness Graphics set is free for personal and commercial uses, provided you are not reselling or otherwise profiting on these designs.