We finally landed……

Much has happened since I blogged last. We did finally land and got moved into a new apartment. Of course we had to spend 3 weeks down in southern CA waiting for the apartment to

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Fibromyalgia Confessions – Or … Mom’s Not Allowed to be Sick


Time to be Honest about my Fibromyalgia – and Face the Fact I’m Only Human

Life is a journey, made up of moments, glances, smiles, friends, family, adventures … and when you’re a special needs parent it’s made up of challenges, trials, and celebrations about even the most minute of those moments.

I haven’t been 100% honest though, because my world not just about being a special needs mom – I also have Fibromyalgia (AKA “Fibro”).

So? What the Heck’s the big Deal about having Fibromyalgia?

What this means? Is that I don’t get a simple cold, the sniffles, a day of the flu … I get sick and my immune system plummets and suddenly I am not just dealing with being sick – I’m also in a Fibro flare.

This isn’t a post about what Fibromyalgia is, though that will come – it’s a post about being human.

See, I’m like a lot of moms out there – I take care of my family the best I can, I handle the craziness of life and rise to one challenge after the next. Heck, I’m like a lot of other special needs parents too – I don’t think I’ll ever feel like I’m doing enough, that I’m good enough, to give my kids everything they need. But …