Why Giving Christmas is Giving Back, and an Update

Giving Christmas is more than Winning a Giveaway

Giving-Christmas-NavGiving Christmas at Kat’s Cafe this year started as a way to connect some great brands with the Cafe readers because I thought their products were that great for special needs families. I couldn’t help but think if all the gifts were given together to one family it would sure mean a better Christmas for one lucky family, right?

So “Giving Christmas” was born. The idea, that we would have several great product reviews and giveaways, highlight some amazingly awesome brands for special needs families (and some that are just great brands overall)…but the underlying goal was that we would also give the Gift of Christmas to one deserving family.

This was all a spontaneous idea and I worked fast to pull together sponsors and brands who might be interested in partnering with me here at the Cafe (and with some of my friends at other blogs who are helping promote this!). Then…I got sick!

So I Revised Giving Christmas just a Bit

Join the Cafe in Giving Christmas this yearI published the first round of giveaways, some without reviews, so that we could get some of them listed before Christmas. And I put out the Nominations post so we could find a special needs family in need. (Read more about the Riley Family and how you can still help them!)

I’m contacting the first round of winners now and will begin posting the next round of giveaways and (some) reviews, and I’d love to encourage you to again check out our Christmas Giving Family — the Rileys. They’ve had a year filled with loss and could use your thoughts and prayers just as much as they could still use your help. Give them a sweet boost and leave them a comment too, would you?

Of course I will be updating the official Gift Guide Page and Giving Christmas posts with further information so please stay tuned!

And Now… I will be posting the rest of the Giving Christmas posts leading up to the New Year, as well as a gift guide for special needs families that will NOT be only for Christmas.

The idea is this – Christmas is about giving, but it doesn’t stop just because Christmas is over (for some of us). The gift of Christmas is that the feeling you get by GIVING can keep going.  And there are lots of reasons to give, year-round. So you can always use a great guide with tried and tested gifts to give, right?

Right now, I’d love to hear from you! How was your Christmas? Have you found a way to GIVE BACK yet? Tell us about it!


Katrina Moody

Katrina Moody

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Katrina Moody
Katrina Moody

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