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Zoobie Pet Kojo the Croc a New Family Friend

Our newest Family Member - Kroc the Crocodile!

Our newest Family Member – Kroc the Crocodile!

We recently welcomed a new member into our family, a little Zoobie plush crocodile named Kojo. The little guy cam bundled with surprises that most kids will find amazingly sweet and fun, and most parents will find convenient as well.

For children with special needs I found a few limitations that I wanted to make sure to mention, but nothing that would stop me from recommending this sweet toy for your child (with special needs or not!).

Why do Zoobies Rock?

First, the toy is very soft, very plush an extremely cute. It’s made of high quality fabrics and materials that mean our new friend will stay around for a while. Croc’s seams are finally stitched, and every bit of him from his tail all away to his long nose is soft to the touch, and squishible, squeezable fun!

The soft blanket tucked inside of Croc was equally as well-made and extremely durable for such a thin blanket.

As you can see from the pictures I’ve included, our new friend Croc hides a panel underneath where you can unzip the side and pull out the blanket. The zipper is easy to use, of a larger size, and seems very durable. On the inside the blanket is also attached with a zipper so that the blanket can actually stay attached to the “blanket” pet.

My biggest concern is that the inner blanket’s zipper is a smaller one, and not as durable. I think it will be very easy for Logan to break over time. Even though this blanket pet is Bobby’,  as with most kids, brothers have lots of playtime as well. Time will tell (I’ll update the post later depending on what we find out!)

Aside from the durability of that inner zipper, I can also see Bobby unzipping it entirely and being stuck with the blanket that needs to be staffed back into Kroc. Although the blanket is actually his favorite part so he’s happy as can be having it separate so he can have the blanket anytime he wants – and poor Kroc can just get lonely on the sidelines!

The resulting frustration from not getting the blanket all the way back inside Croc’s body can cause a meltdown making this something that most parents of special needs children will want to address rather than leave to chance.

My suggestion is to either unzip the blanket entirely and just assume that it will never fully go back inside the blanket pet as easily as you would want because hey, it’s for kids, and kids don’t tend to be neat and tidy with their things, or … For mommies with sewing skills, I might suggest laying a few stitches at either end of the blanket to help attach it more firmly to the pet. I wouldn’t, however, say that you have to do this. It’s just an idea if your kid might become frustrated over a blanket that is too-easily detachable.

In Summary – I’ts a Soft, Sweet Toy to Love!

In any case, the plushable softness of the Zoobie means that any of your children, will fall in love with their new family friends.

For children with special needs, I would suggest showing them the video demonstrating how *easy* it is to tuck the blanket back up, and be prepared to help them do so.

If your child has many problems with their fine and/or gross motor skills and frustrates easily rather than asking for help, you might be better off choosing another soft toy for them. Otherwise, I would call this a great toy for most of your children with special needs.

Interested in Zoobies? They have a fine assortment of cute products and I encourage you to look them up, as they have won awards and been featured on many TV shows, in magazines, and around the web.


Do you have a toy like this or similar for your child with special needs? Can you share any notes that might make it an easier decision for another parent to purchase? We’d LOVE to hear from you!

Katrina Moody

Katrina Moody

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Katrina Moody
Katrina Moody


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    Thank you for the awesome review. I’ve been wondering about Zoobies, my kids keep asking for them. It’s hard to know if you should buy something or not without a good review like this one.

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